Find Your Perfect Shaft in Three Swings

Find Your Perfect Shaft in Three Swings

You may be surprised to find out that with the right tools, you can find the perfect shaft out of hundreds of options with just three swings.  Mizuno's shaft optimizer is one of the best fitting tools we have in our arsenal.  Find out how it works and why our custom club fitters use it at almost every fitting.

It's no secret that one of the things we pride ourselves on at Austad's is our incredible custom club fitting.  Our state of the art fitting centers at every store were designed both to impress and make you as comfortable as possible.  We're also fortunate to have some of the best custom club fitters in the country on staff and the knowledge that these pros have makes every custom fitting session run as smoothly as possible.  Arming our fitters with the right technology also helps us make sure that when you get fit at Austad's Golf, you're getting the right clubs for your individual game.

One of the best fitting tools we have in our arsenal is a little item called the Mizuno Shaft Optimizer.  This incredible gadget helps us find the right shaft for game in as little as three swings.  Yes, you read that right, we can find the perfect shafts for your golf clubs in just three swings.  It's a tool that is universally loved by our custom fitters and is one that you will love too if you go through a custom fitting session.  Here's how it works:

Mizuno Shaft Optimizer 1


Using the shaft optimizer. Strain gauges within the shaft record how you move the shaft. Golfers are generally surprised how consistent their ‘good’ and ‘bad’ swings are. Variation in the result is nearly always down to inconsistency of strike.


Your fitter will take data from your 3 swings of data and enter into the Swing DNA software. The software will align your unique DNA with a map of custom shafts independently measured and assessed.

Mizuno Shaft Optimizer 2

Mizuno Shaft Optimizer 3


The Swing DNA software will rank every available iron shaft (based on their EI curves) as best to worst theoretical match against your swing profile. The new software shows every available shaft in order of suitability.


Your Swing DNA shaft selection is based on science. After hitting the recommended options your fitter will be able to show you real world distances and dispersion. You may decide to promote a lower ranked shaft based on feel and sound. You may even prefer a non optimal flight that suits your eye. You make the final decision.

Mizuno Shaft Optimizer 4

Mizuno Shaft Optimizer 5

Mizuno Shaft Optimizer 6

Ready to give the Shaft Optimizer a test?  See how it works at any Austad's Golf Store or book a custom fitting session today and have one of our Master Club Fitters take you through the whole process including the Shaft Optimizer.


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