Memorial Day Golf 101

Memorial Day Golf 101

Memorial Day Weekend in America is the unofficial start to summer.  For many workers, it’s a 3-day weekend that is filled with food, family, friends and hopefully a little sunshine.  For a lot of lucky individuals, it’s also the perfect time to hit the course.  Here’s what you need to know in order to make the most out of your golf this Memorial Day Weekend.


1. Courses Will Be Busy

Due to the extra time off, courses typically see an increase in traffic over the holiday weekend.  Make sure you book your tee time early to ensure that you can get on the course when it works with your schedule.  You’ll also want to prepare for a slower pace of play.  More golfers on the course means potentially longer wait times, so block off a little extra time in your schedule and make sure that you play with people who you really enjoy!


Golf Buddies2. Come Prepared

The great part about playing golf on Memorial Day Weekend is that it is really geared towards fun.  There are a lot of people hitting the courses that often don’t have time to play, so don’t take yourself too seriously and come prepared to have some fun on the course.  Here are a few ideas for you to amp up the fun:


Bring a Cooler – Stock it with beer, water or whatever you like to drink.  It’ll probably be warm so make sure you stay hydrated!
Music – If you have access to them, bring some portable Bluetooth speakers and blast the tunes.  The music will help set the tone for a fun round with folks you love.
Food – A little snack never hurt anyone, right?  Pack a bag with some goodies and you’ll easily become the hit of your foursome.


3. Outfit yourself

It’s a little-known secret that the key to success on the golf course is looking good.  There is something about a stylish outfit that gives you a boost of confidence as you step to the first tee.  If you have a chance, stop out to your local golf shop and pick up a new polo and be ready to rock the fairway like your own personal runway.


4. Bring the fam

If you don’t normally golf with family, Memorial Day Weekend is the perfect time to hit the course with your family.  If you have kids that haven’t been exposed to the sport, it’s the perfect time to bring them with you and let them hit the ball around.  Just don’t set expectations that are too high.  Keep it relaxed and casual and you’ll have a great time.


5. Have some fun

If you take anything away from this post, remember that above all else, Memorial Day Weekend Golf should be fun.  Holidays are all about spending time with friends and family and hitting the links with the ones you love is a perfect way to make the most out of the extended weekend.


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