Golf Ball Fitting

Golf Ball Fitting


The golf ball is the only piece of equipment that you are guaranteed to use on every single hole.  At Austad's, we always want you to play better and have more fun on the course and that's why we believe finding the right golf ball for your game can make a world of difference.  Every player of every skill level can benefit from playing with the right type of golf ball and our Golf Ball Fittings are the perfect opportunity to test out a variety of the best golf balls out there so you can find the one that fits your unique game.

The Golf Ball Fitting Process:

Step 1: The Interview – Our Golf Ball Fittings start with a conversation.  We want to know what your golf game is like.  Our Master Fitters will ask questions like, "Is there anything you tend to struggle with on the course?" and "Is there anything you'd like to improve" and "What do you currently play?"  The interview sets the stage for the actual fitting process and allows your fitter to get to know you and your golf game.

Step 2: Swing and Ball Flight Analysis – This is where the fun begins!  We'll have you swing in our cages so that we can look at your swing speed, spin rate and launch angle.  You'll test out several different golf balls and compare the data with your Master Fitter so that you can find the ball that will give you optimal distance and control.

Step 3: Recommendations – Once you've gone through the process and tested a variety of golf balls, your fitter will provide you with a recommendation for a golf ball or balls that fit your game.

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