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At Austad's Golf, we believe that every golfer will play better if they have the right equipment in their bag.  Our award-winning Omaha, Nebraska Master Club Fitters are passionate about helping you hit more fairways, stick it closer to the pin and save strokes on the green.  With two incredible locations in town, your new favorite golf spot is just down the road.  Come see what thousands of golfers already know - custom fitting with Austad's is awesome!



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16016 Evans St.

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Mon - Fri: 10am - 6pm

Sat: 10am - 5pm

Sun: 12pm - 4pm


  • Multiple simulator hitting bays
  • Launch monitor club fitting technology
  • Indoor putting green
  • Full service golf club repair
  • Trade-in Center

See what Omaha golfers are saying about custom fitting at Austad's Golf:

I’m a weekend warrior and have been golfing for several years now. I’ve never really had a full set of proper clubs and equipment but hoping to get out more this year so I thought it was time to finally invest in the proper gear. Stopped in and the manager Matt knew exactly where I was coming from and has been extremely helpful in the whole process. Would highly recommend.

Matt Omaha, NE

Cassidy assisted me with a full bag club fitting. She was great! Very knowledgeable, took her time, explained her decision making process, put me at ease and gave me some helpful tips. She was respectful of my budget and made me very comfortable with the whole process. I would recommend her for anyone looking to purchase clubs but as a woman, who isn’t a low handicapped player, she really made the process enjoyable. Thanks Cassidy!

Michelle Omaha, NE

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. Having played golf for years and been to my share of golf shops, including the PGA Superstore, this is hands down the best place I’ve ever been. Been in Omaha 3 years and the Austad's team are the best. Greets you when you walk in and always makes sure that what ever it is your purchasing that you’re 100% satisfied. You just don’t get this service in the majority of golf shops. I could go on and on! The Austads have a great business model and it’s do to the execution of Matt and his team

Adam Omaha, NE

Matt helped me choose a new set of golf clubs comparing and contrasting my clubs with used and new sets. He explained the data on the Simulator and provided professional advise to improve my swing. I feel very confident that I got the best clubs possible considering my budget. I will recommend you to all my friends.

Deb Elkhorn, NE

Great experience. Met with the team at West Maple for a club fitting. He set me up with 2 new clubs. He corrected a flaw in my swing and added both distance and accuracy to everything I swing.

Jim Gretna, NE

I am a casual golfer that has always played with used, hand me down clubs. I wanted to get fitted and see what kind of a difference that can make. I would highly recommend Austad’s, it was a great experience. Matt was super knowledgeable, we started with me swinging the clubs I have today and after about seven shots, Matt immediately went to work. Within the fitting session, getting the right heads and shafts, my swing speed went up, and I gained 40+ yards on each of my new clubs and my shots were more accurate, thanks to some pro coaching tips. I am excited to get out on the course now.

Kent Omaha, NE

I had the greatest experience purchasing irons at Austad's! I'm not knowledgable about golf, just enjoy playing, so I was apprehensive going in by myself to buy new irons. I believe the young lady's name who helped me was Amanda. She watched me swing my old clubs. She chose 5 different irons for me to try out, she made a grip suggestion, and I started hitting my irons like I've never hit them before!! She was kind, fun, patient, and had the amazing ability to watch my swing and match the clubs to it. I am so grateful that she was available to help me when I went in!! While I waited for Amanda to put different grips on my new clubs, 2 other workers checked on me to make sure I had been helped and was doing okay. Such a wonderful shopping experience! Thank you Austad's!

Teeyl Omaha, NE

A few months ago I bought a complete set of Golf clubs. I played all summer with the clubs, and they are absolutely amazing! I was extremely happy with the service Austads provided me with. Vic Duncan is truly an amazing gentleman! He knows what advice to give and how to fix minor mistakes that will improve your game! He’s also a very personable man that is enjoyable to chat with while getting fitted for clubs. I’m looking forward to doing business with Austad’s Golf in the future!

Darryl Omaha, NE

Had the absolute best experience when I went into fitting. Was able to try so many shafts, iron heads, the full nine. Not only did Austads have the technology, and large variety of options, but they had the best staff. I had the pleasure of working with Ryan the store manager. Informative, patient, excited about product, excited to help me find the perfect setup. Most of all, 0 pressure too buy. The clubs sold themselves through the evolution of the process. 100% recommend. 100% repeat business. Simply well done Austad's!

JB Omaha, NE

I went to another golf store about a year ago and was basically told I needed to work on my swing in order for them to spend time fitting me for clubs. That is no exaggeration. I was so impressed that the folks at Austad's took the time to treat me with respect, fit me with clubs, and send me on the way to golfing more.

John Omaha, NE

My fitter was extremely knowledgeable when it comes to fitting. Was able to dissect my swing, and get me fitted into clubs that work for my 6'7" frame in less than an hour. And the driver took all of 10 minutes.

Michael Papillion, NE

Barry did a great job handing me club after club so I can take my time hitting each iron. He adjusted multiple shaft lengths, different thickness in grips and then made suggestions on my actual grip which resulted in an instant 10+ yr increase in my irons. Turns out after 30 years, I needed my wrist turned in a little more on my grip. I highly suggest getting fitted. First time for me. I didn't know there was so much involved in a custom iron fitting. I had no idea they have like 10 different groove/weight setting on the bottom of each iron head. If your buying new irons.....go get educated and fitted from Barry.

Michael Omaha, NE

What sets Austad's Custom Fitting Apart:



Our team of expert fitters have helped thousands of golfers of all skill and experience levels play their best golf. 98% of customers would recommend fitting at Austad's to a friend.

Are you ready to find your perfect fit?


Austad's Golf is proud to be the most awarded custom club fitter in the country. Golf Digest, along with all major club manufacturers (Callaway, TaylorMade, PING, Mizuno, Titlest & more) have all recognized Austad's as a Top 100 Fitting Destination.


Distance, shot dispersion, ball speed, spin rate and more. Our fitting technology tracks virtually piece of data needed to fit you into the perfect golf clubs for your swing. Our extensively trained fitters will be there every step of the way and will use that data to find the right clubs for you.



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