Our Process

Our Process

Step 1: The Interview – Before we can determine which clubs could most benefit your game, we need to understand your game!  Your Fitter will ask detailed questions like: Tell me about your game?  What is your most common miss?  Do you have a handicap?  What are your goals?  Do you have brand preference?  Do you generally hit a high ball?  Low ball?  What clubs are you currently playing?  What is your typical shot shape?  The interview will provide a starting point for our Fitters to begin to narrow the possible models that could most benefit your game. 

Step 2: Static Measurement – Before you start swinging clubs, we’ll take a few measurements to ensure we get you swinging clubs that are built for your unique size.  Just as Shaq wouldn’t play basketball in size 6 shoes, you shouldn’t swing clubs not designed specifically for you!    We’ll look at things like a wrist-to-floor measurement to determine proper club length and a hand size to find the right grip.  Once complete, we’ll get demo clubs put together for you to swing!

Step 3: Dynamic Swing Test – This is where the fun really begins.  First you will hit some balls to loosen up.  Once loose, your fitter will place impact tape on the various clubs you are testing to determine where on the face you are hitting the ball and if we need to adjust the lie angle of the club.  This critical step will allow you to hit more consistent shots by dialing in the perfect specifications for your dynamic swing. 

Step 4: Ball Flight Analysis – If you aren’t having fun yet, this is the step you’ve been waiting for as you can see the results!.  You’ll hit a 5-7 shots in our state of the art hitting cage as our software collects and stores data on launch angle, ball spin rate, shot dispersion, distance, attack angle and more!  Your Fitter will walk you through the data showing you mathematically which club(s) are providing the best returns.  Additionally, you will be able to see how changing club weighting, shafts…etc will change your ball flight.  This is usually the “Ah Ha” moment for golfers who haven’t been through fittings before as you can see results before your very eyes!

Step 5: Recommendations – At Austad’s Golf, we really like to let the data speak for itself.  You should be able to see from the Dynamic Swing Test and Ball Flight Analysis which club(s) and which specs work best for your swing.  Your Custom Club Fitter will walk you through all the data and will provide you with all of the information from your fitting session.  After that, the decision is up to you.  Our #1 goal is ALWAYS to help you play better and of course have more FUN!

Custom Club Fitting

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