Putter Fitting

Putter Custom Fitting

Want to improve your score?  Focus on putting!  Putting generally accounts for half a players strokes during a round.  It is the only club you’ll use at least once on every single hole (minus those amazing chip in/hole outs!).  We believe that a club this important should be properly fit for you.  Our goal is to help you putt more consistently so you’ll score better and have more fun!

The Putter Fitting Process:

Step 1: The Interview – Before we can determine which putter could most benefit your game, we need to understand your game!  Your Fitter will ask detailed questions like: What do you currently putt with?  Do you struggle more with distance or aim?  What is the strength of your putting (5-8 footers?  Lagging?..etc).  What grip are you currently using?    The interview will provide a starting point for our Fitters to begin to narrow the possible models that could most benefit your game. 

Step 2: Static Measurement – Before you start putting, we’ll take measurements to help determine the length of putter that will work best for your posture.  While most people adjust stance to putter length, we believe in fitting a putter to your natural stance.  Once we determine proper length we can determine lie angle.  We estimate most golfers play a putter with the wrong lie angle.  How often do you see people lining up with the toe of their putter off the ground?  Or perhaps the toe is down and the heel is up.  Ultimately this impacts both distance (due to miss-hits) and accuracy.  A toe up leads to putts missing left, a toe dug into the turf leads to putts missing right.  Austad’s Certified Fitters will use simple Maltby boards to ensure we know the proper lie angle and loft for your unique putting stance.

Step 3: Recommendations – Once we’ve dialed in the correct model (done through the interview) the right length, the right lie angle and the right loft it is time to make a recommendation.  Golfers should feel confident knowing their putter was built specifically for them.  At Austad’s we believe a well fit putter plus more confidence will lead to more putts dropping in the cup!  In the immortal words of Chevy Chase in Caddy Shack “NA NA NA NA NA NA NA NA!”

Our Professional Putter Fitting Session includes:

Model Selection – At our Putter Fitting Session, you'll be able to try any and every putter from the top brands in golf like Scotty Cameron, Odyssey, Ping and more.  You and your Master Club Fitter will work together to determine which head type and putter model fits your game best.

Shaft Length - The length of your putter shaft can easily mean the difference between dropping that 10-footer for birdie and lipping out your par put.  After taking static measurements and analyzing your natural putter stance, we'll be able to hone in on the right length for your putter.

Lie Angle – Every putter swing and arc is unique to the individual and the lie angle of your putter impacts the direction the ball rolls.  Using simple Maltby boards, we'll analyze your putting stroke to determine if you need a putter that is upright, flat or has a standard lie angle.

Grip Type – There are hundreds of different types of grips on the market, each with a slightly different feel and each with pros and cons.  At a Putter Fitting Session, you'll be able to evaluate the various types of grips to determine which one is right for you.

Grip Size – Testing and finding the right size grip for your putter is a critically important step.  The prominence of oversize putter grips like Superstroke means that you have infinite options when it comes to the size of your putter grip.  We'll work with you to find the right size to fit your individual game.

Ready to start draining more putts?  Find a location near you and speak to one of our Certified Fitting Pros today or schedule your appointment online anytime.


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