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At Austad's Golf, we believe that every golfer will play better if they have the right equipment in their bag.  Our award-winning Cedar Rapids Master Club Fitters are passionate about helping you hit more fairways, stick it closer to the pin and save strokes on the green.  Come see what thousands of golfers already know - custom fitting with Austad's is awesome!



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Mon - Fri: 10am - 6pm
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  • Launch monitor club fitting technology
  • Two hitting bays with golf simulators
  • Indoor putting green
  • Full service golf club repair
  • 7,500 square feet of apparel, clubs, bags, accessories and more
  • Trade in center
Top 100 Fitter
Austad's Golf is a Golf Digest Top 100 Club Fitter! We've got the technology, equipment and expertise to help you find the perfect clubs for your game.

See what Cedar Rapids golfers are saying about custom fitting at Austad's Golf:

Awesome experience, spent almost 3 hours getting fitted. Probably hit 150 balls, just like a normal round of golf for me! Walked away with new clubs and new confidence.

Bill Cedar Rapids, IA

Kudos to Brenda for helping me with the purchase of a new set of hybrid irons. After taking over 100 swings, she found the right combination of hybrid iron heads, the correct shaft type, length and comfortable grip for my swing. I really didn't know that it would be this easy to get a set of custom fitted clubs ordered. And the turn around time was fast! I can't wait to get out and start using these beauties on the course.

Rich Cedar Rapids, IA

I had a great club fitting experience with Brian. I am confident that I got a great set of irons and hybrids that are specifically built for me and my game. When I picked them up, Dan helped me and he was knowledgeable and able to answer my questions. At this point, Austad’s is my new golf store.

Stephen Marion, IA

I really appreciated the time Ryan spent with me in finding a new 3 wood. He not only used his expertise to find the best club for me but he gave me tips on my swing so it was like getting a golf lesson to boot. These folks are the best and would recommend highly for your golf gear.

Philip Cedar Rapids, IA

I cannot say enough about my positive experience at Austad's, Cedar Rapids. I made an appointment with Rod to be fitted for new clubs because my husband had recently been fitted by him and was so pleased with his expertise. I wasn't looking forward to the process but quickly relaxed and learned so much in an hour. Rod did not pressure me into buying at all, but I was pleased with his recommendations and purchased the set of Irons. I liked that he told me to wait on a new Driver until I've played a few rounds and taken a lesson so he can then recommend the right Driver for me. I would recommend Rod to anyone interested in new clubs and improving their golf skills.

Kay Marion, IA

I went to Austad's after buying irons and having a professional fitting done elsewhere, and I am sorry that I ever went anywhere other than Austad's. I should have gone to see Rod Wright at Austad's from the very start. Rod was extremely professional and incredibly knowledgeable about fitting the irons to my individual swing. After Rod made a few very minor(but much needed) swing corrections to loosen up my arms, improve my position at address, and free up my swing, Rod had me dialed in perfectly with different irons than what I previously purchased elsewhere. I simply can't thank the Rod Wright and the staff at Austad's enough. First class all the way!

Todd Cedar Rapids, IA

Recently was fitted for a new driver, and so glad I did. My old club was not fitted, and turns out I had the wrong shaft and was not set optimally for me. Plus I received some tips on my setup and swing that helped me hit it straight more consistently. Don't buy clubs without a fitting! It's a great service. Update June 24: have been using my new driver for several weeks and my handicap is down from 19 to 11. Both the driver and the instruction I received while doing the fitting have contributed. It's amazing what difference there is in the game when you can be in the fairway on your tee shot!

Peter Cedar Rapids, IA

The full fitting experience with Rod was spectacular. In addition to the new clubs, I learned a lot about my swing. Some of the small adjustments will make a big impact. Rod made me feel comfortable about the entire process from the start. He is incredibly knowledgeable & was honest throughout; not only about my swing but the products as well. I will be recommending Rod at Austads to others

Kurt Marion, IA

The team at Austad's has helped me fit my entire bag over the course of the last year, and I can safely say that they are NOT there just to "upsell you" or get you to buy clubs you don't need. They are helpful and thoughtful in their recommendations. Definitely my go-to place for all things golf going forward.

Tyler Cedar Rapids, IA

This was the first iron fitting I'd done, and Rod was awesome through my process. I asked a lot of questions and he answered every one. He never pressured me, and allowed me to make my own decision. I would 100% recommend getting fit with Rod or anyone else at Austad's, you won't be disappointed!

Derek Cedar Rapids, IA

Club fitting service was top notch. I was there to find out why my driver was loosing 20 yards distance compared to my 3 wood. We compared multiple shaft and head combinations. In the end they were able to find a combination that added 40 yards to my driving distance. Now I am able to out distance my 3 wood by 20 yards. Thank you to the staff at Austad’s.

Craig Marion, IA

What sets Austad's Custom Fitting Apart:



Our team of expert fitters have helped thousands of golfers of all skill and experience levels play their best golf. 98% of customers would recommend fitting at Austad's to a friend.

Are you ready to find your perfect fit?


Austad's Golf is proud to be the most awarded custom club fitter in the country. Golf Digest, along with all major club manufacturers (Callaway, TaylorMade, PING, Mizuno, Titlest & more) have all recognized Austad's as a Top 100 Fitting Destination.


Distance, shot dispersion, ball speed, spin rate and more. Our fitting technology tracks virtually piece of data needed to fit you into the perfect golf clubs for your swing. Our extensively trained fitters will be there every step of the way and will use that data to find the right clubs for you.



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