Iron Fitting

Iron Fitting


Dial in your game and take dead aim with our award-winning Iron Fitting Services.  Our Certified Fitting Pros will work with you to find the right set of irons with the right shaft, lie, grip and more so that you can enjoy your golf game more.  The Iron Fitting Process is unique for every individual and we want you to have a comfortable, fun and educational experience that will make you more excited about the game.

Want to learn more about our custom fitting process? Check out our full Fitting Process Overview.

At our Custom Iron Fitting Sessions you'll have the ability to pair the experience of swinging irons from all the top brands in golf with unbiased analytical data to help you find the right clubs for your game.   Throughout our Iron Fitting Session, our Master Club Fitters will work with you to identify key areas where the right equipment can help take your game to the next level.  Once you've been professionally custom fit for irons, we guarantee that you won't even think about buying a set of clubs off the rack again.  *Every custom fit set of irons is backed by our 100% satisfaction guarantee!*
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You and your Custom Fitting Pro will test and compare multiple irons to help you find the right set for your game. Our goal is that after going through our Professional Iron Fitting, you’ll feel confident with the irons you put in your bag..


There is a variety of shaft options on the market today and our fitting pros will help you find the right shaft for your swing. Whether you need a heavier steel shaft to give you more control or a lightweight graphite shaft to help you boost your distance, we’ll work with you to find an iron shaft that works for your game.
Just as important as the type of shaft you put in your clubs, the flex of the club is equally important. We’ll look at your swing speeds and analyze your ball flight to hone in on the right shaft flex.


Unlike woods, which generally work best in the vendor recommended length, the length on iron sets is fully customizable. We’ll take static measurements and analyze your swing to put together a solid recommendation on the right length for your irons


Your golf swing is completely unique to you and our fitting pros will be able to tell if you need clubs that are upright or flat and how much after analyzing your swing and ball flight pattern.


The right grip is a key part of the custom fitting process. After taking your static measurements, you and your fitter will evaluate different grip options and determine the right size for you.


With custom irons, you’re not boxed into a standard 3-PW set. Maybe you want to replace your standard long irons with hybrids or want a few extra wedges to go with your new irons. Our fitters will work with you to find the optimal iron set makeup for you individual game.


The right golf ball can mean the difference between a 10 foot birdie putt and chipping from the sand trap. After analyzing your ball flight, your fitting pro will provide you with a recommendation for several golf balls that would be a good fit for your game.


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