Wedge Fitting

Wedge Fittings


The short game is key to low scores.  If you're able to get your wedges really dialed in, the whole game is easier.  At Austad's, our Master Club Fitters go through extensive training so that they can help you identify wedges with the right gapping, bounce, grip and more.  Our goal with any wedge fitting is that you will hit the course with more confidence in your short game and ultimately have a whole lot more fun playing golf.

Want to learn more about our custom fitting process? Check out our full Fitting Process Overview.

At our Custom Wedge Fitting Session, you'll have the ability to test out wedges from all of the top brands in golf, including Cleveland, Titleist, Callaway, Ping and more.  Our Master Club Fitters will work with you to analyze the data from your shots so that you can hone in on the wedges that will put you in scoring position more often.  Once you go through our Professional Wedge Fitting Process, you'll never just grab a wedge off the rack again - we guarantee it.  *Every custom fit wedge is backed by our 100% satisfaction guarantee!*
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You and your Master Club Fitter will test and compare multiple wedges from multiple brands to help you find the perfect wedge for your swing. Your Master Club Fitter may make recommendations for you to try some specific wedges, but what you hit is always up to you. If there is a wedge you really want to try - let your fitter know! He or she will make sure we get it in your hands.


The right loft on your wedges can really impact your entire game. We'll work with you to determine which lofts and what gapping between clubs is right for you. By analyzing your ball flight, spin rate and current iron set, you'll be able to quickly identify how much loft you need for each wedge.


Golfers generally know that the loft of a club helps get the ball in the air. But bounce, which is the angle of the sole against the ground at address, is just as important to a good golf shot. Your Master Club Fitter will help you determine the right degree of bounce you need for each wedge as you go through our fitting process.


Your golf swing is completely unique to you and our fitting pros will be able to tell if you need wedges that are upright or flat and how much after analyzing your swing and ball flight pattern.


Wedges that are too short or too long can have a serious impact on your ability to stick the pin. We'll help you find the right shaft length for the wedges you choose so that they become a true extension of your irons and not just something you thrown in your bag for short shots.

Shaft flex matters for all your golf clubs, including your wedges. By analyzing your swing speed and other details of your game, our Certified Master Fitters will help you find the right flex shaft for your wedges.


The right grip is a key part of the custom fitting process. After taking your static measurements, you and your fitter will evaluate different grip options and determine the right size for you.


With custom irons, you’re not boxed into a standard 3-PW set. Maybe you want to replace your standard long irons with hybrids or want a few extra wedges to go with your new irons. Our fitters will work with you to find the optimal iron set makeup for you individual game.


The right golf ball can mean the difference between a 10 foot birdie putt and chipping from the sand trap. After analyzing your ball flight, your fitting pro will provide you with a recommendation for several golf balls that will be a good fit for your game.


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