Gap Analysis

Gap Analysis


There are many different reasons why you may want to have your existing clubs retro fit.  Maybe you're not quite ready to make the investment in a brand new set of clubs.  Or maybe you have a set of clubs that is only a few years old, but that you were never custom fit for.  Maybe you're just frustrated that your 6, 7 and 8 irons all seem to go the same distance.  Whatever the reason, a Retro Fitting session with our Master Club fitters can help you determine if there are small tweaks you can make to see much better performance on the course.

At a gap analysis session, we'll walk you through a full fitting process with a focus on ensuring you have the right clubs for the right distances every time.

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Step 1: The Interview

We start our Retro Fitting Sessions the way all of our custom fitting sessions begin - with a conversation. With a retro fitting, this step is extra important and is the best opportunity for you to communicate concerns, frustrations and any questions you have about the equipment that is in your bag. The interview process will help your fitter focus on what you'd like to improve.

Step 2: Club Evaluation

We'll want to take a hard look at the clubs you're playing we so that we can make sure we understand where we can and cannot make changes. If you know the specs or information about the clubs, bring that information in so that we can ensure we are armed with all the ammo we need to provide the best recommendations for your game.

Step 3: Static Measurement and Swing Analysis

Just like a regular custom fitting session, we’ll take a series of measurements to determine the ideal shaft length, grip size, shaft flex and more. We'll have you swing clubs from your existing set so we can look at ball spin rate, launch angle and more. This step is important so we can establish a baseline for how your clubs are actually performing.

Step 4: Gap Analysis

With the data that we obtain through your swing analysis, we'll be able to look at your average distance for each club. From there, our Master Club Fitters will be able to deterimine if you have the right gapping in your set and he or she will be able to provide recommendations for changes to your existing clubs or for additions to your set such as a hybrid or wedge that could help you consistently hit distances that you've struggled with.

Step 5: Recommendation

Once we've taken you through a complete analysis, we'll be able to recommend changes that you can make to acheive your golf goals. Whether it's extending the length of your irons or adjusting the lie angle or just adding a new wedge to the mix, we'll find a way to get the right fit equipment in your hands so you can play better golf.


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