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Tour Fitting Experience


Are you looking for a personal, dedicated club fitting experience with a certified fitter?  Do you want more information on your swing and specs that can really improve your game?  Are you looking for more options with shafts that are not available elsewhere?  Austad’s new Tour Fitting Experience is for you.  Before you would have to travel to Phoenix or Minneapolis for this level of service, but our stunning, custom-designed fitting studio at the Great Shots facility in Sioux Falls, South Dakota makes this tour-level experience more accessible.  There is both a private fitting studio with our GC2 fitting technology and space where you can hit balls onto the Great Shots range.  It's the best of both worlds and is a completely unique experience!

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About the Austad's Golf Tour Fitting Experience

There are 3 things that make Austad’s Tour Fitting Experience different than a standard fitting:

1. One on One Fitting with a Master Club Fitter

Once you've booked a  fitting in our Tour Fitting Studio, Austad's will assign a Master Fitter to your appointment.  The studio itself is closed off from our 10,000 square foot golf superstore giving you privacy and the full attention of the Master Fitter. Inside the studio you'll have access to all major clubs/shafts.  To ensure a relaxing experience, comfortable chairs, a stocked fridge with water, sodas and beer (for those over 21) and a flat screen TV is included in the studio. 

We want the atmosphere to be just right, allowing you to comfortably swing and be properly fit.  Austad's Master Fitters go through a rigorous 3 stage certification process. They don't just fit, they teach.  Austad's Master Fitters will walk you through our process, detailing what they’re  looking for and why.  Rest assured, our Master Fitters will get you in the right equipment to play better and have more fun!

2. The Best Technology to Determine the Right Clubs For You

Cutting edge technology is vital to a proper fitting.  Austad's has invested in Game Changer technology from Foresight Sports, the world's top fitting software for indoor fitting studios.  Our Game Changer 2 "GC2" machines provide over 20 critical data points that our Master Fitters use to dial in the perfect specifications for your game. 

Additionally, Austad's has sourced an "HMT" attachment which takes 13 images of your club face through impact.  This additional data provides  our Fitters with the insight they need  to help you play your best and most consistent golf.  At the end of the fitting, our Master Fitters will print the Gamer Changer and HMT results so that you can be confident your new clubs will make a positive impact on your game.

3. More Shaft Options Available for Every Club

Austad's Tour Fitting Experience offers an incrediblee variety of additional shaft options for you to try.  Often underappreciated, shafts are a critical component to your fitting.  Austad's has numerous no-charge upgrade options included in the Tour Fitting Experience.  If you are looking for something unique, we also offer a number of after market driver shafts not available in most retail stores.  These premium shafts are an upcharge, though for serious players they can make a big impact on your game. 

Don't be overwhelmed by the 100's of shafts you'll see hanging in our fitting studio; your Master Fitter will make several shaft recommendations after evaluating your data.  Austad's shaft expertise coupled with the best assortment of options will make your fitting a huge success.

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Master Club Fitter Training

At Austad’s, our Master Fitters go through a rigorous education process.  Each fitter must achieve each of the following to maintain Master Fitter status:

  • Read/pass Austad’s Fitting Certification book/exam
  • Pass annual online examinations from key manufacturers such as Titleist, Ping, Taylormade, Callaway, Mizuno, Cobra
  • Successfully fit over 100 golfers into the right equipment with the right specifications
  • Attend at least two on site fitting schools from key Manufacturers – Mizuno, Taylormade, Callaway, Titleist, Ping

Custom Fitting is part science and part art.  Becoming a Master Fitter takes time and dedication.  You can be assured Austad’s fitters are some of the very best in the world.


Sioux Falls Store


2505 West Benson Road

Our Tour Fitting Studio is located at the amazing Great Shots facility in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. The studio is a private fitting area but is connected to the outdoor hitting bays, giving you the ability to test clubs and see ball flight both inside on the simulator and outside.

2505 West Benson Road Sioux Falls, SD 57103
Hours: Mon - Fri: 10am - 6pm | Sat: 10am - 5pm | Sun: 12pm - 4pm
Phone: (605) 336-3135 | Email: [email protected]

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Tour Fitting FAQ's

What if I don’t want “all the extra’s”?
No problem! Austad’s standard custom fitting is still available for you. You will have a certified fitter, access to all manfacturers products, and your cost of fitting, (while not as focused) is refundable with club purchase.
Is this available at all Austad’s locations?
Currently, Austad’s Tour Fitting Experience is available only at the Great Shots facility in Sioux Falls, SD. Our other stores all have the standard custom fitting available with certified fitters.
How long will the fitting take?
That is somewhat up to you. While the standard fitting usually takes 20-30 minutes, the TFE process could take 90 minutes or more. We are dedicated to finding the right equipment for you. With one on one focus from our Master fitter, your time will be well spend.
If I buy equipment, is my $100 cost refundable with purchase?
No, the fee covers the extra personal time with a master fitter, access to our premium technology and the extra goodies like custom fit golf balls, a golf glove and beverages.
Can I mix manufacturers in my set?
Absolutely! Your fitter may find you have optimal results with a Ping driver, Callaway fairway woods, and Titleist irons. Every swing is different. The beauty of Austad’s Tour Fitting Experience is that we have literally all the best equipment available to try for you.
Will I get my clubs the day of the fitting?
No, your clubs will be custom made at the factory to your specifications. Usually you will have your new clubs within 2 weeks of the fitting.
Do I need to do anything to prepare for my Tour Fitting Experience?
We have found golfers who come in relaxed, loose and excited for the fitting process do best. Wear comfortable clothing, and be ready to hit a lot of balls. We will do the rest. We will even provide a new Foot-Joy glove. Tennis shoes work best.

Tour Fitting Pricing

Your non-refundable $100 cost includes the following:

  • Full Bag Club Fitting
  • 1:1 attention from a Master Fitter for as long as is needed for a successful fit
  • A sleeve of balls fit for you
  • A Footjoy glove fit for you
  • Refreshments during your fitting
You will pay for your Tour Fitting Experience when you arrive for your appointment at our Sioux Falls location.

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