Austad's Golf Insider - Who's Underrated Now?

Austad's Golf Insider - Who's Underrated Now?

Rickie Fowler was recently rated the most overrated player in the world.  Is it true?  We'll let you be the judge.  Get the scoop on that and all the latest news from the PGA Tour and the golf world.

Overrated?  Rickie’s Girlfriend Doesn’t Think So

Take that anonymous players poll!  Just days after Rickie Fowler was anonymously voted the Tour’s “Most Overrated Player” he posted his biggest win to date – The Players Championship.  Apparently Rickie’s fellow tour pros forgot that Fowler finished in the top five of all four Majors in 2014.  If Rickie’s game doesn’t have his collegues attention, his post victory make out session with his girlfriend might.  Either way, this flashy 26 year has a big future competing against the likes of Rory and Spieth.


Youth Dominating the PGA Tour

Talk about a youth movement.   The last three big winners on Tour are Jordan Spieth (The Masters), Rory MclIroy (World Championships Matchplay) and Rickie Fowler (The Players).  The average age of these three is 24 years young.  Justin Rose, who won the Zurich Classic several weeks ago looks like the President of the geriatrics society at the ripe old age of 34 when compared to these three.


The Tour is getting younger, hipper and more stylish.   There are 4 players under 30 ranked in the top 10 (Jason day plus the three mentioned above).  They each bring a style and a swagger that will be fun to watch for the next two decades.


Check out some of the hip styles from Travis Mathew or Puma Golf  to see how the young PGA Pros are bringing style back to the game.


Kevin Na(t) So Fast

For years Fred Funk has been known as a player that “wears his emotions on his sleeve.”  Some players are calm and stoic while others are animated; it’s part of what makes golf fun to watch.  Kevin Na got animated not once, but twice over the weekend at The Players Championship.  Hitting onto the island green (#17) on Saturday, Na dropped his club in disgust as he was sure the ball was waterbound.  Much to his surprise, the ball hit 10 feet beyond the pin and spun back to 6 feet!  Lesson learned, right?  Wrong!  On Sunday Na again lamented a poorly struck shot before seeing it stick 12 feet from the pin. 



Kevin's misses are better than most of our pure strikes!  Check out the video here:



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