Driver/Wood Fitting

Driver Fitting

Our goal with any driver fitting is to help you bomb more tee shots down the middle of the fairway.  Our Certified Fitting Pros will work with you to find the right club with the right specs so that you can enjoy your golf game more.  The Driver Fitting Process is unique for every individual and we want you to have a comfortable, fun and education experience that will make you more excited about the game.

Want to learn more about our custom fitting process?  Check out our full Fitting Process Overview

Our Driver Fitting is a very thorough process and was designed to give you the ability to pair the experience of letting loose on a big drive with unbiased analytical data to help you find the right driver for your game.  A Driver Fitting Session is your chance to grip it and rip it with the latest technology from all the top brands in golf.  Trust us when we say it's like nothing you've ever experienced and once you've gone through one of Austad's Professional Fitting Sessions, you won't ever consider buying golf clubs off the rack again.

Our Professional Driver Fitting Session includes:

Model Selection – You and your Custom Fitting Pro will test and compare multiple drivers to help you find the right one for your game.  Our goal is that after going through our Professional Driver Fitting, you’ll feel confident with the driver you choose.

Loft – The Ball Flight Analysis allows you to test various lofts to determine what settings give you the best launch angle for optimal distance.  Many drivers offer adjustable heads where you can change the loft settings and you and your fitter can test various drivers and different settings within the same driver to find the optimal loft for your drives.

Shaft Flex – The right shaft is critical in achieving consistent performance off the tee box.  Your fitter will look at your shaft speed and launch angle to determine not only the right shaft flex, but the right shaft for your driver.

Club Length – While most drivers come in a standard length, there are options for shortening and lengthening drivers for improved performance.  Your fitting pro will be able to make a length recommendation after taking your static measurements.

Grip Size – The right grip size is often overlooked as a key part of the custom fitting process.  After taking your static measurements, your fitter will provide a recommendation for your grip size.

Grip Type – Many manufacturers allow you to further customize your driver with a grip of your choice.  Your fitter will walk you through your options and you’ll be able to select the grip that feels best.

Ball Suggestion – The right golf ball can mean the difference between a drive down the middle of the fairway and hitting your second shot from the rough.  After analyzing your ball flight, your fitting pro will provide you with a recommendation for several golf balls that would be a good fit for your game.

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